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Our Services

Water transportation being constructed with insulating. High quality essentials are being put in place by workers before creating a road.
Cyclist and pedestrian crossing at an intersection. Located in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Clearly shown are bike paths that transition to a safe crossing for bikes in the intersection.
  • Infrastructure Design

  • Road Design

  • Water System Design (Transmission, Distribution, Pumping, Servicing)

  • Sanitary Sewer and Forcemain Design 

  • Drainage design

  • Water, Sanitary, & Stormwater Modelling

  • Process Design (Sanitary lift stations, Pump stations, meter chambers, PRV stations, etc.)

  • Procurement

  • Tender, RFQ and Contract Assembly

  • Contract Administration

  • Construction Services

  • Field Inspection / Services

  • Land Development

Municipal Engineering Consulting

Intersection of Ethel and Sutherland. Cyclist and pedestrian crossings with good planning and traffic control. Designed by members of the Align Engineering team.
Bridge and roadway designed by members of the Align Engineering team.

Transportation Consulting

  • Transportation Design

    • Active Transportation

    • Protected Bike Facilities

    • Complete Streets

    • Intersection & Roundabout Design

    • Bus Exchange & Bus Stop Design

  • Road Safety

    • In-Service Road Safety Reviews

    • Road Safety Audits

    • Collision Data Analysis

    • School Site Safety Reviews

  • Traffic Operations

    • Traffic Calming

    • Traffic Analysis

    • Development Impact Scoping & Review

  • Transportation Planning

    • Master Transportation Planning

    • Pedestrian & Bicycle Plans

    • Bylaw Review & Development

    • Transportation Policy


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